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May 1, 2018

Welcome back! Sorry it's been so long, but life has been hectic and my husband and I were finally able to spend some much needed time together. We also added a new fur baby to our family. Meet my sweet new pup Koda. He's a boxer and pit bull mix that we rescued from Luvable Dog Rescue in Eugene. He's such a sweet pup and he has been so amazing for me and has helped tremendously with my stress but, he is also the other reason why I have been unable to do any crafting lol. 

Since I haven't been able to spend much time at my craft desk I have been working on inventorying and organizing my stamps and dies and thought I would do a quick post about what program I used and how I enter everything. I use a program called Evernote on both my phone and computer. It's great for tracking things like craft supplies and relatively easy to use. I've included some screenshots from the app on my phone to give you an overview of how everything works.

I store all of my stamps in clear pockets and divide them by company and then sort them in alphabetical order. Dies are also stored in clear pockets, but I sort them by what type they are (word dies, border dies, etc.). I decided the easiest way to inventory them digitally was to sort them by company. Evernote uses "notebooks" as groups or categories so I created one for each company. I also created a Misc Stamps and Misc Dies notebook for companies that I only have a few items from.

Within your notebooks you can create individual "notes" for each item you want to add. I knew I wanted to include an image with each of my entries so I went online and found images of all my stamps and dies. This does take a bit of time. Most images were from the company websites or a larger retailer like Simon Says Stamp. I created an acronym for each company if possible: Lawn Fawn (LF), Neat & Tangled (NT), My Favorite Things (MFT), etc. and used them to start each note title. I know this is a little excessive, but it's helpful if a note gets placed in the wrong notebook. 



One thing to note is that I do not do separate entries or images for the dies that go with my stamp sets. If I own the coordinating dies to a stamp set I place a * at the end of the title. This saves me time and unnecessary entries. Below are examples of a completed note for a stamp set and a die and a quick slideshow of how to add a new note to your notebook.


Another great feature of Evernote is that you can add "tags" which allows you to easily search through your inventory. I use basic tags like "wedding" or "birthday" but then will also use more detailed ones as well. For example I have a lot of dies to create pop-up, slider or box cards so I use the tag "interactive cards" for these. Below is a screenshot of my list of tags I've created and what they look like when added to a note.

After the initial undertaking of inputting all of your supplies into the program the upkeep is fairly easy. I just add new products as I purchase them. I also track things like inks and Nuvo Drops in Evernote. Instead of using pictures though I add a title like "lawn Fawn Ink Pads" and then create a list in the body of the note with all the colors I own. Nuvo Drops I separated by the type they are and then listed the colors.


Having access to this app on my phone and computer has been very helpful when I am making purchases and can't remember what I already own. It's also great when I am making card and looking for a specific image or sentiment. Searching by the tags makes it much quicker to find things in my collection. I hope this post was helpful and informative. If you have any questions about my process please feel free to email me or leave them in the comments. Do you have an inventory system you love? Let me know as I am always looking for new ways to organize. Thanks for stopping by!   XO ~ Amy

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